Bearing the weight of brevity

I've got a real issue with writing extensively. Everything I manage to produce, every piece of writing (I am currently not enrolled in school, so these vary from diary entries to story rough drafts) that sets sail from my mind quivers under the weight of brevity. Brevity is customarily associated with lightness, as is given… Continue reading Bearing the weight of brevity


Updates on writing

Writing is a salve for my soul, a color on my cheek, a remedy for the knitted brow. I'm back. What I wrote above fully expresses my current state of mind and feelings, regarding the one thing I have understood, as of yesterday - somewhat an epiphany - could help to pull me out of… Continue reading Updates on writing


Un'altra volta ancora mi accingo a contemplare la vuota pagina e qualsiasi cosa potrei trarne dal suo silenzio eloquente - come se fosse possibile che la sua personificazione s'appiccasse ai miei pensieri, spronandoli a funzionare, rivoltolarsi, capitombolare a terra e respirare, gli esigui primi aneliti d'una nuova alba avvizzita lungi dall'esser mai giunta al superamento… Continue reading Sempre

The words of a lifetime

There shall never be want of words, be it voluntary or not, for the hospitalized girl with a heart that scrapes against the mind... thus producing an aubade of unfathomable composure, having that the ever-so-chaotically plucked heartstrings gather and weave a lyrical tapestry on which the words - the voices - dance, to the rhythm… Continue reading The words of a lifetime